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modern education

What if colleges and universities can guarantee high-paying jobs for all their students, upon graduation, would that be some additional insensitive for more people to go to colleges?

And yes, it is actually possible.

The other day, I had just finished a 4-hour strategic meeting that got me extremely exhausted, and I didn’t feel like working again.

So, I quickly launched my Twitter app to feast on some cool stuff but that day, as usual in many cases, Twitter was crazy.

There was this huge debate going on about education being a scam.

education is a scam
jason dean

There seems to be an endless debate going on right now from different parts of the world,  Many people seem to believe that education, as it is today, is a scam.

modern education

I could go on and on sharing endless screenshots of people who believe education is a scam but is education a scam?

If you ask me that same question, here’s what I might say…

First and foremost, we must distinguish between education and universities (or colleges) because it appears, that people are fine with elementary schools and high schools…

The problem appears to be with college.

Let me paint a vivid picture.

Can you drive a car?

If you can, there was a time you couldn’t.

Someone taught you what to do and exactly how to do it, maybe you even got a road trip with the person while you learn.

Now, you can drive.

That’s education.

Would you call that a scam?


The truth is, education isn’t a scam but…

Imagined this;

You went to a private university (or college) and paid around  $50,000 (or more) for your programs, depending on the colleague, and…

You spent 4years on your first degree to acquire a degree in marketing from that "prestigious" college.

4years later, you still don’t have a job or if you do, your salary is still $300/month, and that’s if you’re lucky.

That's four full years after spending $50,000 or whatever it is you spent.

Now, compare yourself to your hypothetical friend, Desmond.

Unlike you, Desmond only went to high school, and immediately after he completed high school, he went to acquire a modern marketing skill at KISSmarketers, and...

In 6 months, he was done.

He would spend the next 3months on some high-level internship program where he would do the work, day by day.

The actual work, not theories.

The internship program allows him to apply his modern marketing skills to real-life problems, and Desmond is excited that he could solve real marketing and business problems.

3 weeks into the program, Desmond starts to get job offers.

The first offer he got was a basic salary of $3,000/month but he couldn’t join because his mentor in the program asked him to hang on and brush up on some areas.

In 10weeks, Desmond is rock solid.

And he finally got a job with a starting salary of $7,500, and all this happened in LESS than 12 months.

That’s exactly what we do at KISSmarketers…

KISSmarketers is a place to master the most in-demand modern marketing skills in 9 months or less, backed by a guaranteed job, even without prior experience or a college degree.

I believe that…

Education should be job-ready!

It’s not enough to bag a degree or certifications after paying some huge fees, and then you’re left on your own to figure out how to monetize your new skills.

Education should be profitable in the sense that it helps you to get a job or start a new business that transforms your life.

Secondly, education should be result-based because it helps you to solve real problems, and not some fancy theories.

If you check online, you’ll find gurus, influencers, and maybe academia, from cooking to whatever but…

The problem with that is, you only get some surface-level lessons.

Finally, I believe life-changing education can be 12 months, not necessarily 4 years.

I believe great things can happen to anyone, regardless of their current state in 12 months....

You can learn an in-demand skill, get industry-leading certification, and land a high-paying job, all in 12 months.

So, is education a scam? 

Traditional college, loaded with debt and potentially leading to an unfulfilling career, might feel that way for some. 

But education itself? 

Absolutely not. 

The world needs critical thinkers, problem solvers, and innovators – that's where a modern education, focused on in-demand skills and real-world application, comes in. 

After all, the ability to "drive" your career forward, just like learning to drive a car, is a valuable skill worth investing in.

Here at KISSmarketers, we believe a modern marketing education can transform your life but..

It has to be efficient, cheap, action-oriented, and should get you a high-paying job in less than a year. 

We combine technical skill-building, human support, and project-based learning to kick your career in motion, and...

You can have the confidence to invest in yourself. The KISSmarketer job guarantee means if you don’t land a job, we’ll give you a full refund and an extra $1,000 for wasting your time.

So if you're looking for an education that empowers you to solve real problems and build a fulfilling career while earning a huge salary and compensation...

Then, you're welcome to KISSmarketers!

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