How to Transition into Tech in 6 Months Even With No Experience Without Learning Coding

how to land  a tech career

What if I tell you you can transition into tech in 6 months without learning a line of code even if you don’t have any experience, would you take me seriously?

Here's why I know you can do it...

In July of 2023, an unfortunate incident happened that will forever change my life’s trajectory. Let me give a little background story before I tell you about the unfortunate incident.

I graduated as a Civil Engineer and for 10 years I had been practicing.

I work with one of the foremost construction firms in Nigeria. I can even bet you have seen some of our projects before. 

For instance, we built the national assembly in Abuja.

nigeria parliament building

I have built a good number of high-rise buildings on Lagos Island (Victoria Island precisely). Some of these buildings are as high as 32 stories. 

At this time, my monthly salary was about 300,000 Naira (At the current Naira to Dollar exchange rate, this is about 200 Dollars monthly).

Then in July of 2023, on one of our projects, we were in a mad rush because we had a tight deadline to beat. Workers were working overtime just so we could meet up. Saturdays and Sundays were like normal working days. Site activities were going on in full swing.

 One fateful night in July, in the heat of this rush, one of our supervisors who happened to be my close friend fell from a scaffold. He hit his head on the ground. We did our best to save him. We rushed him to the hospital that night and unfortunately, he died.

I cried. I was in pain. He was my friend. We were very close.

After his death, we shut down the site for one day in his honor and normal work resumed afterward then everybody moved on. Of course, his family was paid his insurance benefits (we all had life insurance). I even heard his family fought themselves over his insurance benefits.

Yes, my friend died but it could have been anybody else amongst us. So this got me thinking, This life that I am currently living, is it worth continuing living this way because of a meager 200 dollars per month salary? 

To be honest, after that incident, my passion for that work died. I knew I could not continue to live like that. I knew I needed to do something fast to escape this kind of life.

For many years I had harboured the desire to get into tech and this is the right time to get in. I loved the freedom of time and the financial freedom that comes with being a tech guy.

The ability to work remotely for organizations means that I will no longer have to experience the early morning Lagos traffic and the madness that comes with it.

The good pay (some tech guys earn as much as $110,000 per year). 

See the average amount some of these tech guys earn per year in the image below.

tech job average salary

For me, this kind of pay is more than enough to end my financial worries (Compared to my current $200 monthly)...

But there's a problem, I do not enjoy coding. Coding is not just for me.

 Twice I have enrolled in a software development program and on both occasions, I dropped out. I couldn't finish the training. I did my best to finish but the more I tried, the harder it became for me.

Would this mean the end of my dream of getting into tech?

Of course not!

Because I was determined to get into tech so I kept pushing for answers, and I soon realized there were lots of non-coding tech roles in which I could build a career.

A few of them are Email marketing, IT project management, data Analysis, etc. 

Among all these, email marketing caught my fancy. This is largely because I want to have a skill that will have a direct and measurable impact on any company I work.

Email marketing directly contributes to the growth of a business by engaging with customers, promoting products or services, and driving conversions. 

Successful email campaigns can have a significant impact on customer retention, which will automatically lead to dramatic revenue growth for the business.

Just like me, maybe you’re also tired of the life you currently live. Or you don't like your current job and you’re looking for a means to transition into another industry. 

Maybe you also do not like coding or coding is not your forte, Worry not! The tech world extends far beyond lines of code, and exciting opportunities await those with non-technical skills. 

There's a lesser-known avenue that can pave the way for a successful career in tech without mastering complex programming languages. 

If you’re looking to transition into tech within the next 6 months even if you have no prior experience, this lesser-known avenue is called email marketing. 

So, buckle up, because I’m about to unveil how you can transition into tech with no experience in just 6 months without learning a single line of code, and oh, did I also mention that no degree is needed?

Why Email Marketing Is The Fasted Route Into Tech, & Land A High-Paying Job!

  • Email Marketing Has The Highest ROI

According to Statista, as of 2021, there were 4.03 billion email users worldwide, and this number is expected to grow to 4.48 billion users by 2024.

email marketing growth
  • Email marketing consistently demonstrates a strong return on investment. The Data & Marketing Association (DMA) reported in 2021 that the average ROI for email marketing is $40 for every $1 spent.
email marketing roi
  • A study by MarketingSherpa found that 72% of consumers prefer to receive promotional content through email, making it the preferred communication channel for many.
email promotional
  • According to a report by Monetate, as of 2020, the average conversion rate for email marketing was 1.62%, higher than other marketing channels.

  • With the increasing use of smartphones, a significant portion of email opens occurs on mobile devices. As of 2020, Statista reported that 3.8 billion people worldwide used smartphones, contributing to the mobile-friendly nature of email marketing.

  • In a 2021 study by Omnisend, it was found that email marketing was the primary driver of customer retention for 81% of small and medium-sized businesses.

  • The Crazy Demand For Email Marketing Managers. 

As you read this, billions of emails are sent out every year!

I mean billions, with a capital B!

Who do you think send those emails?

Email marketing managers!

Why do companies even care?

Companies are crazy about email marketing specialists right now because, for every $1 spent on email marketing campaign, they get atleast $42 back.

email marketing roi

Imagine putting $1 into an ATM machine, and getting $42 back.

That’s why companies of all sizes are crazy about email marketing campaigns, and in most cases, they’re abandoning social media for it.

So, they need you way more than you can imagine because the best-in-class email marketing specialists are scarce! 

And because email marketing ROI is insanely high, companies are falling on themselves to land the best email marketing managers.

  • Email Marketing Managers Earn $87,000+, Work Remotely

According to ZipRecruiter, the average salary of an email marketing specialist in America as of January 2024  is $87,236. 

what do email marketing managers earn

Now remember this is just an average. You could earn far more than this amount. Now imagine someone who was earning $200 per month (That’s $1400 per year) now earning $87,236 per year. 

This could be you in the next few months, my friend. 

The financial freedom and the time freedom that comes with an email marketing manager's job are unbelievably interesting. 

So, how can you become a highly sought-after, well-paid, and respected email marketing manager who earns a big buck working for companies remotely?


You're sold already?


Now that you have seen why you should consider building a career in Email marketing, let me show you how you can build a career as an email marketing specialist in just 6 months...

You have two choices or maybe three, staring you in the face;

  1. Once you’re done reading this post, get back to your usual self. Procrastinate, do nothing and if you do nothing, you’ll get nothing.
    If you make excuses and complain because you don’t have enough money or time or maybe both, your excuses may be legitimate but guess what?
    It’ll still keep you down!
  2.  Maybe you’ve already done this, go to Youtube, Twitter, Google and other places, and start browsing stuffs. 

 Try to figure it out on your own, maybe you'll eventually be able to do so after 7years, OR... listen to all the gurus who have never run a single successful email campaign in their whole life OR…

Apply to see if you’ll be admitted into KISSmarketers Email Marketing Certification Bootcamp, which I think stands out from anything else.

You’ll learn directly from people who live and breathe email marketing campaigns, real doers, not some talkers.

Why is this important?

Yes, companies are going to pay you $80K/year or even much more but there are certain skills you MUST have before that can happen.

My experience with KISSmarketers has proved that even folks who said they knew email marketing confessed that they didn’t know it when they joined their email marketing certification bootcamp. 

I know it sounds like I’m passionately promoting KISSmarketers, but don’t blame me, I believe you’ll sing louder praises if you experience what I experienced.

Breaking into the tech industry without coding may seem like a distant dream, but email marketing offers a viable and rewarding path.

I'm curious, what's the question you'd want me to answer about transitioning into tech?

Issac Adeniran is an email marketing manager, and a KISSmarketers' fellow!

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