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In this new age, opportunities are abundant out there but picking the right one that pays you well and gives you freedom is important. 

You're probably here because you've tried a couple of ways to earn money online, and you've probably realized like me that opportunities are predictable and sustainable.

And you want to stop living life on the edge most of the time and instead of thriving, you'd be surviving.

I wanted to stand out and stop the rat race, this is when I came across the Tech Sales Industry, and today, I'm super proud to say I'm a tech sales specialist, although still at the early stage of my journey.

The Tech Sales Industry caught my attention because it doesn't just pay you for your time, it pays you for your results. Apart from the base salary, you get paid for hitting your targets via bonuses and commissions, and the best part?

You don't need to learn coding, and like myself, you don't need prior experience. Like I said, I'm a beginner tech sales specialist.

Tech is one of the fastest-growing industries in the world. The number of tech startups has increased by 47% in the last decade creating a need for exceptional sales professionals.

This inevitably makes you earn well and forces you to get better at your craft.

Suppose you have an interest in technology and want to help people maximize the use of technology. 

Tech Sales might just be the right fit for you.

Are you curious to learn about how  Tech Sales can change your career? Let's dive into the details

What is Tech Sales?

Tech sales can be simply defined as selling technology or software to people who need it to solve a problem for their company or personal needs.

This could be software, hardware and IT services.

There are different tech solutions to different problems, this is why there is a constant rise in the creation of different startups. 

For example, Company A might be selling CRM software for E-commerce business owners while Company B might be selling IT software services.

Company C could even be selling a combination of electronic hardware and software like project management software. Tech companies usually revolve around three categories:

Software: Software can be sold as a service(SaaS) that requires a subscription. This includes antivirus and CRM.

Hardware: This involves the physical devices that the software will run on. Examples are phones and laptops

IT services: This involves selling cybersecurity or consultation to businesses.

Tech sales could be business-to-business (B2B) or business-to-consumer (B2C).

Now, let's see the role of a Tech sales representative, what do they do? Why are they in high demand?

What does a Tech Sales Specialist do?

A Tech sales representative is a sales professional who has in-depth technical and scientific knowledge of a product and markets it to prospective customers.

From the definition above, you can tell that tech sales isn't just about knowing about the product but having the social skills to persuade prospective customers to buy.

Your role in a company depends on your level of seniority and how large your sales team is. During my research with tech sales representative jobs, I've come to understand that there are four responsibilities that all employers look out for in a candidate no matter the industry. These are:

  • Assessing and Evaluating Competitors

We have established that a tech sales representative is supposed to know their product but that’s not all you need to know, you also need to know who your competition is and how they compare to your product in terms of their strengths and weaknesses. 

This enables your product to create a better customer experience for prospective and existing customers.

  • Developing New Business Opportunities

You have to be proactive in this role to get new leads by researching organizations, and getting decision-makers in these organizations to schedule meetings so they can be persuaded to use your company’s software. This involves a combination of cold calling and email marketing.

Tech Sales representatives are the matchmakers of the company. They analyze customers, understanding the nature of their technical problems and matching them with product solutions.

  • Rapport Building

  • Strong communication skills are very important for this role. You need to maintain relationships with existing customers so they can renew their subscriptions to the product.

  • Experience with a CRM tool

Familiarity with a CRM tool enables you to keep track of a customer's buying history. In the long term, when you’re on a call with an existing customer, you know what other complimentary products to offer to provide as a solution for them and you will be required to provide comprehensive sales reports.

What Sort of Sales Tech Jobs are Available?

There are many ways to start and navigate your career in tech sales but the most usual way most people start with is the SDR/BDR role(Sales Development Representative role/Business Development Representative role).

SDRs are expected to make cold calls to prospective customers, qualify them as leads and book a meeting for the Account Executive to close the customers.

Account Executives are to close deals and run product demos. They are also required to do outbound tasks SDR/BDR do.

Then you have the Account managers and Customer Success managers. These guys work to assist existing customers with the product to provide solutions for them and attempt to upsell them on complementary products and services. 

For the next tier in tech Sales, you have the Sales manager or Sales Director. Sales managers lead and train sales teams. 

They set sales quotas based on data as well as product pricing and Strategy.

The top position of a tech sales career is usually the VP of sales. The VP of sales handles the entire sales team including new representatives to develop new sales strategies. 

VPs present sales information to key stakeholders and work with finance teams to set goals.

Are you trying to decide whether working in Tech Sales is worth it?

Well, here are some reasons why you should start a career in Tech Sales;

Massive Learning Opportunities:

Working in the tech sales industry places you on the frontlines of new and emerging technologies. This way, you get to learn the working dynamics of the latest tech products even before they become mainstream—this arms you with transferable knowledge and skills that position you for more career opportunities. 

Moreover, since the tech industry is constantly advancing and evolving, you can pick up different hard and soft skills.

These include how to use CRM software and present digital reports and communication and negotiation skills, which will give you a competitive edge even if you decide to switch to another job.

Extensive Networking:

Tech sales provide a fertile ground to meet other professionals across different industries since almost every industry relies on technology.

You can leverage this to build cross-industry professional networks and contacts, which can help you grow your career and as well as open up new opportunities in other sectors.

High Demand:

The tech sales industry is projected to hit about $436.9 billion in 2025, growing at an annual rate of 12.5%, and this is not stopping anytime soon. 

From AI experiencing a sudden sales boom to Apple rolling out new mixed reality headsets, there will always be a high demand for products in the technology space.  

Who will be required to sell them? Tech sales representatives, of course!

Therefore, tech sales provide an exciting field of limitless possibilities that will always remain in high demand. It also offers a very high level of job security because every Tech company needs its sales team to continue generating revenue. 

Even in the unlikely case of being affected by a staff cutdown, various skills, and experiences you would have acquired will make the transition into another role pretty seamless. 

While the advantages are evident, it's crucial to acknowledge some challenges:

Challenges in Tech Sales:

  1. Intense Work Environment: Meeting time-bound goals and keeping up with the fast-paced tech industry can be intense, especially for entry-level roles.

  2. Client Acquisition and Management: Finding new clients and managing their needs can be challenging, requiring effective communication and problem-solving skills.

How to Break Into Tech Sales Within The Next Few Months

Breaking into Tech sales within the next few month is quite doable due to the high demand for entry-level positions. However, you must have relevant experience and skill sets that qualify you for the role. T

hese include professional communication skills, strong business acumen, enthusiasm, problem-solving abilities, and sound technical know-how.

Past work experiences, internships, and boot camps are other ways to equip yourself with some of the skills you will require in a tech sales role. 

A bachelor's degree in a related course like marketing or business may not be mandatory. Still, it can give you more advantage in securing a job in tech Sales. 

Another way to increase your odds is to familiarize yourself with the Tech Sales industry by networking with other professionals already in the field and attending sales conferences/hangouts. Put yourself out there and sell yourself.

Conclusively, Tech Sales offers auspicious career benefits, and I hope this article has provided clarity on how to get into the field.

Good luck as you begin your journey to landing your dream job as a tech sales professional

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