Announcing The First and Only Email Marketing Certification That Guarantees... 

A Foreign Job That Pays A Starting Salary of $100,000 Per Year Working From Your Bedroom In Nigeria, With A Fully Paid Visa Sponsorship To Move Abroad WITHIN 6-Months Even WITHOUT Prior Experience Guaranteed OR, I'll Pay You $1,000!

December 052023,

Dear friend,

If you would like to get a foreign job that pays $100,000 per year, plus, an opportunity to relocate abroad without spending any money from your pocket...

This is the best piece of your life!

As you're reading this, companies of different sizes scattered all over Canada, the US, Australia, Europe, and Asia are DESPERATELY looking for competent Email Marketing Specialists.

These companies are CONSTANTLY bombarding us with requests! They always request that we send them our students because they know no one understands email marketing like we do.

Our students are ALWAYS getting these remote email marketing jobs without hassles because we coach, certify and pair them with these companies.

You're the NEXT!

How would your life change if you get something like this...

Take a look!

Why are they "bribing" you with all these?

Because email marketers are in HOT demand right now!

Companies (of all sizes) are fighting over themselves to land the top email marketing managers, and they're ready to pay extremely high salaries and compensation, even if you don't have prior working experience.

In fact, we not only help our students land these highly paid email marketing roles, but we also help them negotiate the best salary.

You can work for a foreign company OR work for yourself, either way, you will be making trailer load of dollars per year

How Will Your Life Change If You Earn $100,000 Per Year As A Starting Salary Working Remotely From Your Current Location?

I know the next thing you're going to ask "How is it even possible when I don't even know anything about email marketing?"

Well, no worries about that!

Look, email marketers earn 100 times more than even top bank managers in Nigeria.

In fact, some oil companies DON'T even pay that much, yet they live larger than life.

You can start earning that much, and the best part is, you'll be working as a full-time employee for a company abroad, and you work remotely.

The salary is only one part of the benefit you get because...

There's more!

Many of these companies also offer;

  • Visa sponsorship to relocate abroad and/or frequent trips abroad for team meetings (PAID BY THE COMPANY).
  • You'll work remotely, meaning, you work from your village, bedroom, anywhere you like as long s there's internet.
  • You get between $1,000-$2,000 to set up your home office.
  • Brand new laptop/Mac, camera and other tech gadgets.
  • Contributory pension scheme.
  • Health, wellness, personally development packages.

Of course, your experience level determines the package you get but even if you get ONLY the starting salary of $60,000 WITHOUT other packages, how will your life change?

Remember, I said "STARTING" salary, which means, you can earn way higher.

Yes, you can!

As you are reading this...

One of Our Students Is On The Verge of Landing A $100K/Year Email Marketing Job

When they asked him how much he wanted to be paid, he didn't know what to say, he quickly rushed to me.

I told him exactly what to say and how to say it.

When he did?

Take a look at the email screenshot he sent me.

Wait a minute...

Did you see what is going on here?

First, they said he would be a great fit for their company because we trained and certify him.

Secondly, they said the yearly salary is $100,000, plus a possibility of getting atleast another $10,000 per year as bonus.

That's a total of $110,000 per year.

Thirdly, they are literally begging him to accept $100K/year.

Crazy, right?

If it is you, what would you have said?


Ofcourse, he said "YES" but I told him how to do it so that he wouldn't appear desperate.

Another of my students ALREADY got a $100,000 job in the US. He excitedly sent me his offer letter.


Take a look at it below;

Look, I'm just getting started.

If you allow me, I will fill up this page with the list of my students who are working remotely with several foreign companies, and making alot of crazy money in dollars without any prior experience in email marketing BUT...

Come closer, I want to tell you another BIG one...

If you are greedy (like me), you can decide NOT to work for these companies, instead, render your service as an email marketing specialists to companies abroad...

In that case, you can make even more...

It's possible to make a guaranteed $108,000 per year.

Infact, we'll even help you get HIGH-PAYING email clients.

Now, I know what you're thinking...

"them don come again!"

"Johnson, is this even real?"

See, if I were not the one who's telling you this, I'd probably be saying the exact same thing.

However, what I've discovered in life is that, what you DON'T know, you DON'T know!

We often see the world through our own limitations.

We often believe that because we have not done a thing or because we don't know anyone who has, it is possible no one in the world has it.

And because of that, you CANNOT advance or prosper beyond what you know.

Look, long ago, I learnt how to ALWAYS "keep an open mind" and it has saved me several times.

Let me share a quick story with ya...

Back in the day, I used to travel to Benin from Lagos by road. We'd spend like 5 hours on the road. When I get to Benin, I'm totally exhausted.

I was very skeptical UNTIL I decided to start flying with Arik Air, I couldn't believe the "magic".

In about 40 minutes, we were in Benin.


What If I didn't have an open mind?

I'd be suffering on the road, just because I refused to open my mind.

I even thought I was doing great UNTIL...

One day, I joined a friend in his (rented) private jet, guess how long we spent?


Before then, I'd fight, curse, and doubt anyone who told me it was possible to be in Benin (from Lagos) within 16 minutes, the exact same trip that people spend more than 5 hours by road!

Now, you get my point, right?

Recently, I did a job-hunting experiment that landed me four DIFFERENT offers from four different foreign companies within 2months.

Companies are in a DESPERATE search for smart email marketing specialists because...

Email marketing is very lucrative, way, way MORE lucrative than social media.

Email marketing is critically important for businesses today more than ever before, and COVID-19 made it more important, and...

Anybody can be employed by these companies, no matter what country you live in, no matter your educational qualification or skin color, as long as you have the email marketing skillset, because most people who claim to be email marketers know next-to-thing about email marketing.

So, companies are doing alot of crazy things to hire the best email marketing specialist.


Email is the single most profitable marketing channel online, with an average return-on--investment of $40. 

That means for every $1 a company spends on email, they generate $40 in revenue.

Think of it like an ATM where you put in $1, and you get back $40.

Or imagine it this way, you give me ₦1,343, I return ₦53,720 to you.

Can you see why businesses and organizations are crazy about email marketing campaigns?

The ROI is insane!

And here’s the best part…

Unlike other marketing mediums—like SEO—email's profits come within days or even minutes… not months or years.

And it's pretty simple for you to land this type of lucrative,high-paid job.

You don't need to know anyone, you don't need to live in any of these countries...

All you need to do to land this type of higher paying job is to DEMONSTRATE your worth to these companies or clients (if you decided to work for yourself),and instantly, they'll grant you FULL-TIME employment with a 'STARTING' salary of atleast $100,000.

You don't need to have any university degrees, with or (without) SSCE, you are fine, and you DO NOT even need a prior experience.

You might be thinking...

        Why Would These Companies PAY YOU This Much?

First and foremost, these companies need email marketing specialists MORE THAN they need them.

Secondly, these companies know that email marketing gives the highest return on investment than any other marketing channel.

Thirdly, because these companies are in business to make money, if they don't make money, they're out of business, so they need your skillset as an email marketing specialist.

So, given the massive potential for email marketing to generate almost instant profits, you can imagine that smart companies are willing to spend good money on high-quality email marketing specialists.

Because they know it’s almost guaranteed to earn them a hefty profit.

And the thing is that there's a huge demand for emails, right now...

We’re talking billions of emails sent every single day.

Let me ask you a question...

Why do you think email marketing tools are making hundreds of millions per month?

Why do you think investors are investing hundreds of millions of dollars in email marketing platforms?

Just last year, they invested over $ 300 million in Klaviyo.

Infact, recently Mailchimp, which is one of the leading email platforms was sold for over $12Billion.

Why do you think they bought it for $12B?

In case you're not sure, I'll tell you...

Because email marketing is the hottest marketing channel, the one with the highest return on investment.

This means there’s a lot  of work out there for email marketing specialists and...

COVID-19 pandemic shook things up in 2020.

COVID-19 made companies to be MORE in need of email marketers.

As a result of all the shutdowns, quarantines, and social distancing, there’s been a dramatic shift toward e-commerce and online sales generally.

Millions of businesses need help finding ways to successfully sell their products online…

This means email is poised to become even more critically important than it already is, that's where you, because...

The Battle for Attention Is Fiercer Now Than Ever

Yes, as you're reading this, billions of emails are sent...

I'm talking about over 300BILLION emails.

Infact, chances are that you got to this page from an email that was sent to your inbox, so you see, there's a lot of competition in the average person’s inbox.

And any company (or business) that doesn't know how to craft "sales generating, money making" emails will pay direly for it, and they might even be out of business.

That's why they need YOU!

Think about it like this: if email marketing were easy, business owners would just do it themselves.

But the vast majority of these people lack the skills and training to craft effective emails that generate serious sales, profits, and money.

That has even skyrocketed the demand for highly skilled email marketers, because...

Even the so-called "gurus" you find all over the place don't even understand the strategies, tactics, and processes for crafting email campaigns that generate sales and revenue.

So, big and small companies are in desperate need of people who can craft email marketing campaigns & automation that generate BIG sales, profits, and money.

The best part is, It doesn't matter what country you're from, it doesn't matter if you have just SSCE, these companies are in dire need of you.

They DON'T care if you have NO university degree or if you have 10 PhDs, all they care about is for you to be able to craft email marketing campaigns that generate crazy loads of sales.

To prove this to you...

I did something very crazy!

 A Crazy Experiment That Got Me 4 Foreign Job Offers In Less Than 8 Weeks

I wanted to know if these companies would employ me!

I wanted to find out (for myself) how badly they'd employ me as an email marketing specialist.

The result?


Infact, the VP of marketing (in one of the companies I applied to) was even asking me to name my price. 

Why would he do that?

Because they're in desperate need of result-getting email marketers, and they didn't want me to say "NO" to them because of the pay.

Mind you, this is a big company, that recently raised $34M from investors, paying me $110,000 per year won't be a problem to them.

That was from one of the companies. They gave me a $110,000 per year offer.

That's NOT all,here's another one below;

They were asking me to name my price.

This company is based in California, and they also offered me Visa sponsorship.

These companies don't care about where you live.

When she asked me to name my salary, see what I responded.

I applied to 15 different companies abroad. I got 4 offers, the least offered me $96,000/year. One of them even offered $121,000 per year.

 ASIDE this huge salary, they ALL offered me...

  • Visa sponsorship and paid trips abroad for team meetings.
  • They offered me $1,500 home office setup, plus a brand new PC.
  • They offered me gym,wellness and health allowances.

Infact, one of the companies (in Australia) offered to send organic fruits to me every SINGLE week in Nigeria if I agree to join them.

Look at the "bribe".

I know what you're thinking...

"Johnson, why didn't you take one of these offers?"

Great questions!

I run a marketing agency, with over 80+ employees, and we generate tens of millions of dollars in sales for our clients every month.

One of our services is email marketing, we charge clients $15,000 PER MONTH, and our clients stay with us for an average of 16 months.

So, you see, I do what I preach.

As a certified email marketing specialist, you can work for a foreign company, and they would pay you an upwards of $100,000 per year, or ,you can decide to work for yourself, and you'd even earn higher.

Foreign companies are in a fierce battle with each other to hire the best email marketer to craft email marketing campaigns that can generate serious MONEY.

Look, forget all the bullshit by the "big-talking gurus" out there...

If you want to stand a chance to get employed by these top companies, you need to know the "ins" and "outs" of email marketing campaigns.

For that to happen, you have to be trained, coached and mentored by someone who has not only helped other people secured a high paying jobs like this, but have also generated tens of millions of dollars in sales for companies using email marketing campaigns.

Still asking...

Why should You Even Pay Attention To Me?

Great question!

First,I'm the guy that helps ordinary people to make huge money, i mean hundreds of millions of naira like this guy here;

See, I know how to take people from zero to hundreds of millions.

I've done it multiple times.

Secondly, I helped atleast tens of my mentees to secure a job in the US as email marketing specialists, they earn between a salary of $80,000 and $105,000/year ASIDE other benefits, even...

My Inlaw Landed A $96,000/year Email Marketing Job

My inlaw graduated from one of the best private universities in Nigeria, he came out with first class, and the parents spent millions to send him there.

He graduated but for 5 years, he couldn't secure a job.

He even went to do a master's at Unilag thinking that would help him secure a job faster, but he still couldn't get a job.

I sent for him, personally coached, mentored and certified him as an email marketing specialist.

Two weeks ago, he got a job that pays him $64,000 per year...

Two years later,he was promoted and now earns $96K/year.

Do you want me to give you more reasons why you should listen to me?

My agency has generated tens of millions of dollars through email marketing campaigns for our clients around the world.

We've grown our agency to 80+ employees, and email marketing is our major channel.

Should I go on?

Look, I’ve ran every type of email marketing campaign & automations under the sun:

Emergency sales, abandonment cart, indoctrination emails, upsell emails, demo emails, webinar emails, mini-courses, welcome campaigns, whatever, you name it....

And it has resulted in tens & hundreds of millions of dollars in sales.

And like I said, I didn’t learn email marketing from a school. I had to learn the hard way:

By sending actual emails to actual customers, learning what works and what doesn’t, and iterating over time to get the best results imaginable.

So when I talk about what works in email marketing, I’m not just guessing or spouting theory.

I’m speaking from personal experience and real-world results in the form real cash generated for our clients.

I’ve been thinking about email a lot over the past year.

And I’ve realized there’s a big hole in the marketplace when it comes to training.

Good email marketing is almost guaranteed to provide a solid ROI (as you just learned).

And yet there are NO email marketing courses, or raining programs that offers you the same certainty!

The certainty that you'd get a huge pay after you take the program.

This really bothered me, so I decided to create a NEW kind of email marketing program.

A program that puts its money where its mouth is by promising to pay for itself.

So that’s what I did by introducing...

The Email Marketing Specialist Certification That Guarantees Automatic High-Paid Job After You Graduate, OR…

I'll REFUND your fees + pay you $1,000 as compensation, AND in fact, I might even PERSONALLY employ you.


I'll REFUND your fees + pay you $1,000 as compensation, AND in fact, I might even PERSONALLY employ you.

And unlike every other email marketing program out there, I'll PERSONALLY work, one-on-one with you to help you get a job abroad that'll pay you a crazy salary.

And yes, I'm literally guaranteeing that you'll get the job, and that you'll be employed by a company abroad, and you'd earn upwards of $64,000 per year as salary, or you'd make much more if you decide to work for yourself, running your own email marketing agency.

One of my students recently secured a job with a US-based company. The company offered to pay him $6,000 for 6 weeks as trial.

Guess what?

The company couldn't wait.

They had to offer him a $96,000 per year job on the 5th week because they saw that the guy is damn good and didn't want to loss him to other companies.

I trained him. I coached him. I mentored him. My company gave him certification. I can do the same for you today.

Without further ado, allow me introduce to you…

KISSMarketers' Email Marketing Specialist Certification Program

Become a Certified *Badass* Email Marketing Master, Learn How to Generate the Highest ROI for ANY Business...

Get employed by foreign companies, and get paid $100,000/year as starting salary, or...earn more by working for yourself.

First and foremost, our highly coveted certification is NOT for everyone.

We cherish this certification as we cherish our breath.

We're going to be very,very,very,very,very,very picky but if you get lucky to join this program, you’ll learn...

  • "The behind the scene".  We’ll show you the behind-the-scene strategies, planning, tactics and executions behind email campaigns & automations that generates hundreds of millions of dollars.(HINT: Do this right and you'll see sales, revenue AND engagement hitting the roof's tops, your boss (or clients) will even give you a raise without you asking)
  • "The BIG Money Campaigns". We’ll show you EXACTLY what types of email campaign to launch, when and how, including the exact 4 campaigns to launch in your first 90days of resumption in your new job. (HINT: Do this, and you'd have a "bargaining power" to ask for a pay raise in your first 1year)
  •  The "Riffle" Secret To Create the PERFECT email promotional calendar for ANY business... (Do this right and you'll see revenue AND engagement hitting the roof's tops, your boss (or client) will know that they didn't make a mistake by hiring you)

This is just the tip of the iceberg of what you'll be learning, PLUS;

How To Secure A Job With FAT Salary (In dollars).

Now, that you're a certified email marketing specialist, what next?

Unlike other people that will tell you "bye bye", this is when our work begins.

We'd work with you closely, to help you land a job with a company abroad, a job that pays $100,000 (or more) a year as a starting salary.

The goal of this program is to have all 15 participants who'd be lucky to get in secure a job abroad, all of them!

The company I worked for 5 years recently downsized. My entire team was asked to go. It was out of that desperation I joined your program. You told us what to do in week 4. I was stunned that I soon started getting interviews, up, left, and center while the program was still running. I ended up closing a $59K/year role. My last company didn't pay anything close.



I graduated top in my class. Unfortunately, for 6years, I didn't get an interview, let alone a job. Joined the program, and I got 3 interviews in 10 days. Two of them offered me a role. I finally settled with one of them. It made me feel like I wasted my time going to school because I didn't include any of my degrees in my resume. 

Osarumwense O.


As someone who's responsible for handling email in my current company, I thought I knew email marketing deeply. This program has made a complete nonsense of everything I thought I knew about email. This is pure gold. Worth all the money to the pennies!

Ogechi E.

marketing team lead

So, we don't just train you, we help you secure the job.

By becoming a KISSmarketers' -certified email marketing specialist, you’ll not only be able to help companies launch email campaigns that generate serious money, you'll also earn (and make) big money.

And I'm so confident that...

This Certification Will Pay for Itself Within 6 Months – or I Will Refund You, And PAY YOU $1,000 As Compensation!

Yes, you read that right.

Try me,and see!

I know people make alot of promises, and never keep them.

People know me already, if you're in doubt, try me!

After graduating from this program, I guarantee you’ll make back your entire tuition within six months (or less). If that doesn’t happen, I’ll give you a full refund AND compensate you with $1,000

You can search for email marketing courses on Google until your index finger is numb from clicking, but I promise you won’t find anyone else willing to make a guarantee like this...

I searched, I couldn't find even one.

You CAN NOT  find anyone guaranteeing that they'll help you get a job that pays big money, in dollars.

They all claim to teach you how to write emails...

First, we DON'T write emails, we don't.

We CRAFT email campaigns that generate crazy loads of sales.

There's a HUGE difference between the first and the second.

Unlike those "gurus" who only make money by teaching "how to write email", if no one buys their courses, they won't make money, because they make their living by "teaching".

For us, we make real money by actually planning, launching & optimizing email marketing campaigns for ourselves, our portfolios of companies, and our clients.

We make a living by DOING!

We are DOERS!

For those guys on Google, when it comes to helping you secure a job that would pay you immensely for your skillset or when it comes to finding clients who will actually pay you to do it, they'll suddenly disappear.

They don't even know what to do!

When I realized how big this problem was, I knew we were in a position to FIX it.

I knew we could do better.

So my team and I put our heads together to create a program that not only teaches you how to plan, launch & manage email marketing campaigns that work—it also shows you how to get a job that pays you upwards of $100,000 per year.

Upon Successful Completion of The Program, You Will Also Receive:

  • 10weeks LIVE Email Marketing Mastery  Cohorts + Certifications.
  • The Complete Email Marketing Operating System (emOS) For E-commerce, SaaS, B2B, B2C, DTC Companies.
  • 17+ SOPs, Templates, Checklist, Cheatsheets, Worksheets, Frameworks, etc.
  • Status and recognition as a Certified Email Marketing Specialist.
  • A respected, recognized and global digital, printable E-commerce Marketing Specialist Certificate suitable for framing.
  • badge designating you as a Certified E-commerce Marketing Specialist that can be hosted on your website, email signature and LinkedIn profile, etc.
  • Exclusive listing in our directory AND referrals to BIG companies/recruiters.

And oh, we're just getting started because there's more!

  • Opportunity to work on REAL-LIVE projects with our US-based company.
  • Foreign Job Placement Opportunity. (HINT: A chance to be placed with our foreign partners' companies, as a full-time employee)
  • Email Marketing Specialist Career Success, Mentorship & Abroad Relocation  By Our Partners (HINT: They're one of the fast-growing HR tech companies).
  • Internship Opportunity With One of Our Global Partnering Companies.
  • Exclusive Listing in Our Private Directory AND Referrals to Foreign companies/Recruiters.
  • Live Career Advancement Sessions (Interview Landing CV review, Interview Prepping, etc) 
  • Your Own "Ready-Made" Portfolio
  •  Exclusive Support & Peer Community
  • The Best & Most Guarantee Visa Roadmap For Email Marketing Specialist To Relocate To USA, UK, Canada & Australia (HINT: It's simpler than you think. Even the BIG Visa & immigration agents don't have these roadmaps. It's guaranteed to get you a job + all expense relocation)

It will instantly set you apart from 99% of other email marketers who have no such third-party endorsement.

Here’s why:

Companies, entrepreneurs and marketing firms trust us, they constantly ask us to refer employees to them. Once we make that referral, you have 99% chance of landing the job.

I have done email marketing for years but I swear you’re out of this world! I’ve never ever seen anyone who handles email like you! You taught me how to make money, really big money! Thank you, thank you, and thank you!

Michael W. 

Email tech developer

I just had an interview debrief session with the hiring manager. I was shaking when I was told of the meeting. My mind raced several times. However, I'm excited to announce that I got the role! I'll share all the details in our live session next week.

Chinda S.


This program is a complete change of perspective. Totally different from anything else out there! I have clients coming to me asking for email writing help. I’m extremely happy & lucky to have joined this program

Abdulwasiu K

Digital marketer

So, if the job interview was going to take 5 stages, it could be reduced to one or two, because of our referrals, they know we'd send only 'quality' to them because...

We have HIGH standards!

Simply put, the only way you can get certified by us is to prove you know what you’re doing, because our reputation matters to us, as we'd be referring our students to our partners and clients.

Not only is there a comprehensive exam, but we will also require you to craft "real-world" email campaigns (with our guidance) that our team will review (and correct) for quality.

Because we want to refine you UNTIL you're the best email marketer in the world.

Our standards are so high, and because we've been in the marketing space for more than a decade, many businesses will easily trust our certification.

And that makes it easier for potential clients to trust you with their email marketing campaigns.

You'll be getting...

An Exclusive Directory Listing And Employment Referrals

We’ve ALWAYS received countless requests from companies who desperately need someone to help them craft effective email campaigns.

We just cant keep up with demands.

In our agency, we're way too busy working with our existing clients, we always say "NO" to new jobs.

Imagine this..

These foreign companies ask us to refer someone to them, we send you to them.

That would instantly give you "social Proof" and your chances of landing the job (or getting the gig) will be 99% higher.

And they'd easily "by-pass" their protocols and long processes because we referred you to them.

Now, you've seen alot already, you might want to ask me...

         How Much Is This Gonna Cost Me?

Before we talk about the cost, I want to make sure you realize how much this is WORTH.

To do that, let’s fast-forward to your future.

Picture this;

You’re now a KISSmarketers' -Certified Email Marketing Specialist.

About a year ago, you took our program, passed the certification exam, and got your first employment, just 5weeks after the program.

You finally landed a job with a US-based company.

2 months after the program, you were sleeping at night when you got your first "salary alert" of $8,916.

You saw the money in your dorm account with one of the Nigerian banks.

The next morning, you ran to meet an aboki and went to the bank to collect the money and change it to naira. 

Both you and the aboki went to a new-generation bank.

After all the negotiation, he gave you ₦11,145,000.

Yes, ₦11,145,000 (because it is now ₦1,240 to $1)

You called your mama (or wife or loved ones) to share the good news with them.

You quickly told yourself "so this is happening. I'm now earning more than oil workers".

Instantly, you start thinking of moving from your current house to a better location.

You start thinking of a vacation for your family.

You start thinking of buying a good car for yourself or loved ones.

While you're still at it, Month 2 salary landed.

Then Month 3,4,5, and up to 12.

You've earned $96,000 in your first year.

That's a whopping ₦119,040,000.

You looked at year one with the company, and you're extremely proud of yourself.

Dear friend, this is NOT fantasy!

This is NOT a dream.

This is your possibility.

Others like you have experienced it.

It can be your story!

I can make it your story!

The important point is that there’s clearly the potential for you as a KISSmarketers' Certified Email Marketing Specialist to earn ten or even hundreds of thousands of dollars.

So with that in mind, how much would this certification be worth to you?

Fact: Private Universities In Nigeria Charge ₦7Million(on Average)

If you want to study political science (or any other course) in a private university in Nigeria, you'd be expected to spend atleast 4years, plus...

One year for NYSC.

You'll pay (on average of) 7Million for tuition (minus other hidden fees) within that period, that's if you're not doing master's.

If you are doing masters, expect to pay a total 11Million (on average).

What are the chances of you getting a job even if you graduate with a first class?

You and I know that it's less than 1%, if not zero.

I mean, I have seen alot of jobless first class graduates.

Why did you go to the university in the first place?

It's to be trained and also get a job upon graduation.

So, you spent 4years in school, 1 year (with NYSC), and 7Million naira without a job?

Now, even if you get a job, what's the highest you might be paid?

Maybe 200,000.

Here’s why I brought it up:

To show you that this certification has a real-world value of 7Million.

Even if I were to charge you 5Million for the certification – less than what you'd pay in a private university in Nigeria – I believe it would be entirely justified...

Because as soon as you land your new job with a foreign company, you'll get back it in less than 2 months.

But I won’t do that to you. Not even close.

I won’t even charge you half that much, or 3Million.

(Even though, at that price, it’d still be a fantastic investment)

I won't also charge you 1.5M (even though I'm tempted to want to charge you that).

No, the REAL price for the KISSmarketers' Email Marketing Specialist Certification Coaching Program is set at a flat fee of just $2,000 OR, ₦1.4M (yes, we have plans to increase the price pretty soon)!

BUT for today, it is 1.4M...

Now, I can imagine how you're feeling.

Given the potential for what you’ll earn as a certified email marketing specialist with KISSmarketers, I think you’ll agree that it’s more than reasonable.

Especially since, as I’ve pointed out, the program is GUARANTEED to pay for itself within 6 months of graduation—or your money back + $1,000 (as compensation)

As long as you’re willing to put in the work, you should have no problem making that happen.

This is the second time we're officially launching this program and we don't want everybody into the program, we are taking only 15 people ( we will NOT exceed this number) because I need a small number of people I can manage since my team and I will work directly with you.

I understand that the best candidate may see an opportunity like this but won't be able to take it because of money.

Look, I understand that you may know that ₦1.4million is worth it but you may not have it even though you'd like to pay.

So, to make it easy on you, I'm going to do something very, very crazy because this is the first time we're launching this program to the public officially.

Ready for it?

DON'T pay ₦1,400,000 because you get a whopping 42.8% OFF 

You Pay ONLY ₦650,000 BUT...

Pay ₦325K Today, Pay The Balance When You Land Your Job

That's 50% Today, Balance 50% AFTER You Secure Your High-paying Job!

Unbelievable, right?

Well, we are putting our mouth where our money is.

We thought, instead of charging you full, we should just make your life easy, and ask you to pay only ₦325,000 today...

Balance ₦325,000 since we know you'll get the job. We want to show you that we are serious, and we're with you in this until you land your foreign job.

We believe you're not a bad person, just that sometimes when one is broke, poverty makes them look like they're wicked.

If you land a job that pays even $5,000/month, would paying us our ₦325K balance be a problem?

It wont because you have enough money.

Yes, that's why we're doing it.

To make your life easy BUT...

Let me STRESS that this offer is only for the 15 people that I'll admit into this program, we are only accepting 15 people INTO the program.

I know, you've heard it many times, they'll tell you they want only 10 people but in actual sense, they want 1,000.

I don't roll that way, and NOT a program like this, never!

If I say 15, even if the 16th person pays, we'd refund him/her.

If I say 15, be sure that NOTHING on earth will make me exceed 15.

I want ONLY 15 people in this program because;

This is a BRAND new program.

I'll work PERSONALLY with these 15 people to ensure they are the best email marketers in the world, and to ensure they land a job with a foreign company.

For that to happen, it has to be a very small class. If it is more than 15 people, it might be too overwhelming and I won't be able to manage them because of my busy schedule.

Secondly, If I take more than 15 people at this current price, I'd be cheating myself.

See, this is a rare opportunity that you won’t want to miss…

But the only way to get it is to sign up NOW and get this life-changing new training:

Guaranteed to pay for itself within 6 months of graduation, or your money back + extra $1,000

I Guarantee This Certification Will Pay For Itself Within 6 Months Or Less—Or I’ll Refund You, AND Compensate You With $1,000.

After graduating, I guarantee you’ll make back your entire tuition within six months (or less). If that doesn’t happen, I’ll give you a full refund + $1,000.

Just show us you followed the exact process we asked you to, and NO excuse, you get a FULL refund + $1,000.

It's that simple.

The risk is on me.

What's the best that can happen, you'll land a job that pays you in thousands of dollars per month, $100,000 or more.

That's the best that can happen to you.

What's the worst?

You get back a full refund of your money + additional $1,000 for the stress.

Either way, you'll come out as the winner.

With a guarantee like that, you LITERALLY can’t lose.

But, here's...


I've told you how this program will change your life.

I've told you how much you'd make.

I've also told you that if anything happens, you'll get a FULL refund + $1,000 as compensation for your time, BUT...

The bad news is, this offer is ONLY for 15 people.

And like I told you, I mean that I won't exceed 15 people for this program

I know people manipulate people by saying "it is for only XYZ people" when in actual fact, it is not.

Take a look at the screenshots below. These are people who saw our offer, and before you know it, it was gone.

Once we hit the required number of people we need, we take down the offer.

Immediately the 15 people get into this program, this entire page will be completely gone, and I expect that to happen very fast, because I have a huge audience size, and they lash at anything I offer, and this is one of the best offers ever.

If we hit 15 person, any payment from the 16th persons upward will be refunded. You can see below!

So, it makes sense to immediately join while this page is still up, I mean, right now because...

If I say it is going away, take it to the bank that it is going away!

Now is the time to act!

Just click the link below;

Guaranteed to pay for itself within 6 months of graduation, or your money back + extra $1,000

Frequently asked questions

When Does The Program Start, and How Flexible Is It?

Great question!

We're thinking things off on November 17, 2023.

The goal is to get students ready for the job market in the second week of January. The program is flexible enough for you.

So, even if you are currently working or have some tight engagement, this will work within it.

How Will This Certification Help Me?

If you graduate from this program, you'd be able to launch email marketing campaigns for companies of all types;

You can be employed by companies abroad, as a FULL TIME employee, I'd personally work closely with you to help you land a job that pays upwards of $64,000 (or more) per year.


You can decide to run your own email marketing agency, in that case, I'll work with you closely, to help you land clients who'll pay you big money.

If you get 3 clients who pay $3,000 per month, that would be $108,000 per year. Isn't that crazy?


If you run your own small business, this skill will help you get up to 200% return in your email marketing campaigns.

Is There Any Guarantee That I'd be Employed By A Company Abroad?

Great question!

This is a brand new program, our goal is to work closely with you using our network and other tools to ensure you land the job, or you get clients from abroad who'll pay you in several thousands of dollars.

Already, we've been able to help other people land highly paid job. We believe that as long as you follow our instructions, and without any surprises, you should land a lucrative job as an email marketing specialist.

However, we believe that this program should pay for itself within 6months, and if it doesn't, let us know, you'd get a FULL REFUND + $1,000 as compensation.

So eitherway, you're the winner.

I'm NOT In Lagos, Can I Join?

This program is 100% ONLINE!

Regardless of where you're in the world, as long as you have access to the internet, you can join.

Yes, you should join.

I Don't Have Any Experience, Can I Join?

It doesn't matter if you are a marketing veteran or if you have a zero skill, as long as you can type (or willing to learn how to type) on a computer, yes, you should join.

Is There A Guarantee That I'd Be Certified?

First, alot of companies trust us, and our standards are very high.

We'd not just certify anybody.

The reason companies can easily trust our students is because they know we have high standards, and as long as you are ready to put in the work, yes, there's a huge chance that you'd be certified by us.

How Long Will This Program Last?

The duration of the program is not as important as the result.

In this launch phase, we want all 5 of our students to land their jobs (or get a gig) within their first few weeks after completing the program.

The program could take between 4weeks to 11weeks.

Our big picture is for the students to land the job, that is way more important to us than anything else.

Is This Like A Multi-Level Marketing Scheme?


This is NOT is multi-level marketing scheme, this is a real thing.

We'd train, mentor and certify you as an email marketing specialist. Then, we'd help you secure a job abroad with a company in the US, Canada, Australia, Europe, etc.

They will be paying you for working with them as an email marketing specialist.

Is it clear now,huh?

What Happens After I Pay?

Now you've paid?


You're now on your way to a superb life.

The onboarding process will start immediately payment is made.

You'll start by receiving messages (immediately) from our support team.

I'm excited for you, you made a great decision, in the next few weeks, you'd be so proud of yourself.

Expect to receive emails from SUPPORT@JOHNSONEMMANUEL.COM

Guaranteed to pay for itself within 6 months of graduation, or your money back + extra $1,000

Email Marketing Mastery Certification

Launch email campaigns that generate an avalanche of sales for ANY company + Get Certified by KISSmarketers' + Get A High-Paid Job with a foreign company

Get your 42% OFF!

You pay 
₦325,000 today. You pay the balance ONLY after you have secured your remote job.


* are compulsory

Guarantee: Within 6 months of completing your certification, earn back your entire tuition – or your money back + $1,000 as compensation.

Note: Post-sale support?

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