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Marketing That Works Like Crazy!

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Trusted by 113,000+ Entrepreneurs, CEOs and Marketers in Top Companies Like 

Trusted by 113,000+ Entrepreneurs, CEOs & Marketers Companies like...

Trusted by 113,000+ Entrepreneurs, CEOs and Marketers in Top Companies Like


And stop Googling your way through marketing, marketing TRULY works when done right, we know that marketing outcome are PREDICTABLE, is yours predictable?

Founders and CEOs

We’ve be part of a journey of a founder & who bootstrapped his way to $85million exit. Running a business is hard enough on its own, leave the marketing & sale to us.

Marketing & Sales Teams

We’d  transform your marketing & sales team into revenue/profit generating super stars marketers so you can  grow & scale your company. When marketing works, all others works.

Marketing Pros

 Stop the average game. Grow in your career, let’s turn you into an respected & well-paid  marketing pro who gets crazy RIO. Get rare access to our  strategies, tools and trainings.

We're on a Mission

Our goal is To 10X Sales & Profit of 66,437 Businesses Yearly, Raise 250,000 Well Known, Well-Paid, Top “1 %” ROI-Driven Marketers By 2025.

  • We believe that marketing is NOT an expense, so all marketing activities should yield ROI, anything less is NOT acceptable.
  • We believe that marketing is to a business (or company) what Oxygen is to human. We call it business 'life blood'
  • We believe that we should NOT teach or show you any marketing strategies, tactics or system UNTIL it has been thoroughly and rigorously researched, tested and proven.
  • We believe the axiom "When marketing works, all else work".

We DON'T talk marketing...WE DO MARKETING!

We're NOT your average marketing guys.

We're incredibly obsessed and possessed with marketing, it runs in our veins, we preach it, we do it and we live it.

We do marketing for our own portfolios of companies, for our agency clients who trust us with millions of dollars in ad budget yearly to manage for them, and they stick around with us for years because our marketing works like crazy.

This is a 'NO GUESSWORK' zone.

We do the real stuff...

The stuff that moves the big needle in your business.

You'll get our exclusive marketing insights and memos so you'll know what is working, what is NOT working, and and why.

When you arm with yourself with info like this, you'll never waste another time and money on outdated marketing strategies, or ideas.


 Generated in revenue in the last 16 months by clients and students using our marketing strategies, systems and processes. 

640 Tests

114 marketing experiments & test conducted in the last 36months,318,000 permission-based email sent. marketing is NOT guess-work.

109 Industries

Our systems, proprietary processes, methods and campaigns have been used in more than 65 different industries GLOBALLY with crazy RIO, there’s a huge chance that it’ll work for you.

What Our Members Are Saying...

KISSMARKETERS helped us raise our profit margin, thereby growing our profits by a whopping 82%, and without making us ‘uncompetitive’. They're a 'MUST HAVE" team.

Dr. Sami Fab

CEO,Liberty Lake

You guys repositioned  our marketing & sales team. I'm super proud of my team now than ever because they're now revenue generating team, unlike before. We're grateful.

John Doe

CEO of Incorp

To be honest, KISSMARKETERS is the best place to learn marketing if you truly want to be a top marketer, and it was founded by one of the very best marketers, Johnson Emmanuel.

Brenda Bawe

Marketing Pro

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Agency life. We've all seen the photos n social media - the cool office, the unique culture, the silicon Valley-like......


Agency life. We've all seen the photos n social media - the cool office, the unique culture, the silicon Valley-like......