Email Marketing Campaigns: The Complete Step-By-Step Guild To Running Emails That Sell

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On a busy Monday morning, with a cup of coffee in hand, I found myself sifting through a cluttered inbox.

I knew it was another day to delete those promotional blasts and fleeting discount email marketing campaigns in my inbox.

I mean, I was already used to receiving a bunch of email marketing promos that didn't speak directly to me.

But there was this particular email that didn't scream 'buy now' but whispered, 'Let's connect.' 

Can you imagine?

I was really Intrigued, so I clicked. 

Guess what?

That seemingly ordinary email held the key to hooking me up with the brand.

I felt that instant connection even before reading the whole email.

I'm sure you must have read such an email that got you as intrigued as I was, right?

Remember the days when handwritten letters were the coolest way to connect?

Well, email might not be anything new, but it's still one of the most powerful tools in any marketer’s toolbox.

It’s sad to see that many people think of email marketing as some of those desperate emails flooding your inboxes.

You know those kinds of emails you delete even before it’s done loading.

Email marketing, done right, is about building genuine connections with your audience.

It's like having a friendly chat with your customers, sharing valuable tips, and offering helpful advice that makes their lives easier.

The one that leaves a lasting impression even after you’re out of the page.

You see, Constand Contact confirmed in their research that 55 percent of consumers say email is their preferred digital channel for business communication.

But what happened to the remaining 45%? Why do they not like email marketing as much?

Here’s the thing;

Email marketing has been poorly defined by most email marketers – according to Aberdeen Strategy Research  

And this made a lot of email marketers blast emails without careful planning and strategy.

Ever thought of the reason why you open most emails and never forget about the content?

The truth is this;

Emails that don't get read end up like a waste in the bin.

So if you must start email marketing, you must understand its real meaning, its essence, and the art behind its application.

what if you don't have to read another textbook to understand this?

What Is Email Marketing, Really?

Email marketing is the art of building genuine connections with your audience through personalized messages that resonate deeply.

It's not just about promoting your stuff; it's about forging a powerful digital bond between your brand and the people who matter most.

In fact, Salesforce says that email marketing helps companies build customer relationships and keep customers engaged in between purchases.

Think of it like this; email marketing has come a long way from its humble text-based beginnings.

Now, it's a sophisticated tool that allows you to craft targeted messages that meet your audience exactly where they are on their journey.

So gone are the days of shouting into the void, blasting generic messages that fall flat upon arrival – instead, you offer a helping hand, a listening ear, a voice that whispers, "I understand you, and I'm here to help."

When it is well crafted, the message lingers in their minds and draws them back again and again to your brand.

Once you understand and embrace this, customer relationships through emails will become a thing of the past for you.

But then, most people have not been able to implement this to its full capacity because of some misconceptions.

Why would you let a few myths prevent you from embracing the best customer retention channel?

Here’re some of the myths and the realities.

Bursting The Myths and Rethinking What You Know As Email Marketing Campaigns For Even Better Results?

Despite the hype over new marketing channels, email marketing has been around for ages, and guess what? It's still super effective.

Email remains a powerhouse, quietly working its magic behind the scenes.

But, you know, it often gets overshadowed by some misconceptions.

Here’s some of the misconceptions of email marketing;

Myth 1: Email Marketing is Outdated and Ineffective

email marketing campaign users worldwide

Reality: Hold up! People are still using emails more than any other platform. Check out the numbers from FinanceOnline – the use of emails is on the rise.

So, you see, email marketing is like the cool kid that everyone hangs out with, bringing in an awesome return on investment (ROI) of $42 for every dollar spent making it a marketing channel you can't afford to ignore.

Sure, social media and live chat have their place, but with over 4.5 billion users, email reigns supreme.

Myth 2: Millennials don’t subscribe to marketing emails

marketing emails

Reality: Guess what? Millennials are all about those emails.

A study conducted by Adobe revealed that millennials check and also use their emails even more than any other age group.

So, if your business targets older people but skips email marketing, you're missing out on a great relationship-building channel.

It's like having a secret weapon to keep them engaged with your brand through emails.

And, if you're wondering how to market to millennials, you have to understand the psychology behind customer relationships and how it applies to this age group.

You can always A/B Test to see what kind of emails they prefer and how often you should send them emails – after all that’s why you’re a marketer in the first place.

With this, you become unstoppable and can always have them engage with your brand through emails as they prefer.

Myth 3: Customers are drowning in emails from different brands

drowning in water

Reality: Sure, customers get tons of emails, but they only dive into the ones they really connect with.

This is where the pros shine – they know how to craft an email strategy that holds the customers by the hand and takes them where they want to be.

To stand out in the sea of emails, your messages must offer the right value at the right time.

You need to design an email strategy that offers real value, personalization, and relevance.

That's the magic formula to make your audience read, engage, and even share your emails.

Myth 4: You need fancy tech and design skills

non fancy tech

Reality: Relax, you don't need to be a tech genius or a design wizard.

Of course, it’s true that a pretty design can be cool and awesome.

But then, simple, well-written content that speaks directly to your audience can be just as effective.

The good thing is this…

Email marketing platforms now have user-friendly drag-and-drop templates and tools that even a tech novice can use to create beautiful emails.

Focus on clear, compelling content that resonates with your audience, and the fancy design will follow.

It's like having a shortcut to create engaging campaigns that speak to your audience.

Can Email Marketing Change The Game For Companies, Small and Large?

Let's move beyond the tech and dive into the soul of email marketing - that’s human connection and personalization.

It's time to forget the "buy, buy, buy" mentality and create genuine relationships with your audience.

Remember, your customers are people, not just transaction points.

Building Real Connections That Drive Email Sales

Email marketing is no longer just about pushing people to buy things or bombarding them with daily discounts.

It's all about building real connections with your audience.

Customers need to feel valued beyond daily discounts and relentless promotions.

So you need to provide extra value and relevant info that guides customers to where they want to be. 

These would eventually connect them not just to the products they bought but to the entire journey of your brand.

Email Personalization That Sell

In the end, interactions would always win, and that’s the core of the heartbeat of email marketing.

It's about tailoring your brand message to vibe with the unique tastes, preferences, and journeys of each customer.

Take, for instance, when a customer makes a purchase, they get tagged as someone who bought that specific product.

That tag allows them to receive content that's highly relevant to what they bought.

And this helps to boost engagement.

The real magic happens when you can call each subscriber by their name, recommend products or content that aligns with their interests, and create an experience that goes way beyond the digital space.

That’s friendship at its best.

With this you create a connection that makes your audience feel seen and heard, creating a bond that lasts.

Conclusively, as you can see, email marketing isn't about bombarding inboxes with flashy sales pitches and discounts.

It's about crafting stories that resonate, sharing valuable insights that make their lives easier, and celebrating their wins along the way.

It's about remembering that behind every email address is a real person with hopes, dreams, and challenges.

So when you tap into that, you're not just marketing, you're building a relationship.


But think about it; wouldn't you rather connect with a brand that feels like a conversation with a friend than one that feels like a faceless corporation?

That's the power of email marketing done right.

Sure, fancy tech and automation have their place, but they're just tools. The real magic lies in the human touch.

It's the personalized message that calls them by name, the relevant content that speaks to their specific needs, and the genuine interest in their journey.

So this is all about building trust, fostering loyalty, and creating an experience that goes beyond the digital screen.

Remember, numbers and returns on investment (ROI) are important, but they shouldn't be the only story you tell.

In the end, email marketing is about making a difference in people's lives, even if it's just making their day a little brighter with a helpful tip or a funny story.

Author: Ndu Kalu, an email marketing manager, and KISSmarketers' fellow!

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