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Roof  Specialist

...and learn how to own a highly successful, "money spitting" Roof Construction Company or get employed by BIG Companies as a Roof Specialist after our "Roof Mastery" Masterclass

We've built the most successful roof construction & consultancy company, won multiple awards, and worked with some of the biggest companies.

(We Did It and Now We Want To Show You How To Do It)

Think of any MAJOR award in the roof & maintenance industry, we've have them in the bag.

Most people don't know but the roof & maintenance industry is a highly profitable industry, it is actually multi-billion naira per year industry.

What is the most "critical" part of any building?

The roof!

Certified Roof Specialist in some cases charge as much as 30% of the total cost of a building as fee.

Let's expand that...

If an entire building is 10million naira, you can charge as much as 3million naira as fees for roofing that building.

Do you know one of the major needs of man after food?


It is called "shelter" because it has a "roof".

Look around you, houses are springing up, warehouses are also springing up,as a "Certified Roof Specialist" this is the best time to be born.

Guess what?

We are just scratching the surface because according to Garlandco, over $12 billion is spent yearly on roof maintenance.

What does that mean?

It means re-occuring revenue for you...

What that means is you'll be able to get predictable revenue, which is great for you and your family (including your business).

However, there's a BIG problem,  two actually:

  • Quackery. Let's face it, there are alot of "quack roofers" allover the place. They don't even know anything about roofs. They are highly unprofessional but that is a good thing for you. As a "Certified Roof Specialist", you'll not only knock them out but also generate more money than them.
  • Most existing roofing companies barely make enough. It's because they dont understand the "roofpreneur" aspect of roofing. As a "Certified Roof Specialist" you'll be equipped with everything to help you start your own roofing company, and grow it successfully or get hired by top companies.

It's getting interesting, right?

Well, we're just getting started.

Here's a "sneak peak" in the start-up pack that you'll get after the program

  •  Hydroseal waterproofing and repair products
  • Nutech roof painting and restoration products
  • Graco application tools and equipment
  • Basic roofpreneur,Intermediate roofpreneur or Advance roofpreneur (depending on your selection)
  • Plusworld Roofing Marketing & Sales toolkit to help you get clients like we do.

Look, these are just a "sneak peak" because there's more.

Infact, you'll learn roof repairs, maintenance, waterproofing, roof restoration and and most importantly, the "dynamics" of running a successful roof business.

Oh, what we just listed above is what we call the "cash cow" of the roof business.

You must be salivating now BUT there's more...

Inside the Roof Mastery Program, you'll get;

  • Introduction to Roofs and Roof Roofing Systems
  • Introduction to roof Maintenance and repairs
  • Roof and structural Waterproofing
  • Roof Restoration
  • Roofing Business Management
  • HSE: Safety at Height and Safety at work

Become a Certified Roof Specialist Today!

 Why Should You Be A Certified Roof Specialist (via Plusworld Academy)?

(or...Why You Might Want To Get Certified)

Let's face it: NOT everyone can run a successful roof business, and sadly, not everyone can get hired by big bluechip firms but our certification program places you "ahead" of the curve.


  • Prepare eligible beneficiaries for employment in the construction and oil and gas industries
  • Bridge the knowledge gap in industry training and best practices
  • Create opportunities for self-employment
  • Prepare the you to become our commercial /technical agents, contractors, distributors and resellers of our products and services
  • Open opportunities for job placements with us, our partners and our clients

Become a Certified Roof Specialist Today!

There's a BIG problem, maybe two problems.

First and foremost, this program is NOT for everyone.

We cannot and will not make it open to everyone.

If you're fortunate to be among the "lucky" ones, congrats but no matter what you're thinking right now, you need to know that;

Time is running out!

This is not an "open for all" program.

So, if you want to get the prestigious Plusworld Academy Roof Specialist certification. NOW IS THE TIME!

We cannot guarantee that you'll get a slot after now, the safest thing to do now is to click the link below, and it's best to do so now!

And like you may already be thinking, we have limited capacity.